Hundreds of thousands of people are fond of hunting

Hundreds of thousands of people are fond of hunting

Hunting boots.


In the equipment of a hunter, high-quality shoes are in the first place. The comfort of movement and even safety depends on it. Light sneakers can be punctured by stepping on a sharp branch, seriously injuring the foot. Some believe that it is better to take rubber boots with you, appealing to the fact that they can reduce the smell, thereby helping the hunter to remain unnoticed by the animal, but this is not entirely true. Most often, when cleaning, such boots are cleaned the least, and you should understand that, for example, deer can very well smell your boots and the places where you walked in them, so aromatic freebuts will be the best solution, they will help keep your feet dry, and when used odor eliminator, this task will be performed even better.


Hunting suit.


Many hunters agree that a hunting suit should have a camouflage print. And indeed, camouflage will add stealth to you in the forest, but do not forget that this can also play a cruel joke if you are not the only hunter in the area. It is for this reason that we recommend that you stock up on an orange vest to be more visible to your fellow hunters, and in many states it is a mandatory hunting attribute.


Hunting backpack.


The next important element of a hunter's equipment is a backpack. Every hunter should get their hands on a backpack that is designed specifically for hunting. These types of bags will allow you to get to your essentials without having to unpack other things. The hunter does not need a large volume - 30-40 liters is enough. Convenience is much more important than volume. The straps should be wide, rigid, so that even with a large carry weight they do not cut into the shoulders. Also, the backpack should have an anatomical back - solid, even, so that carelessly packed objects do not put pressure on the back and lower back, creating unnecessary discomfort, distracting from hunting. It's also better if the backpack is silent, otherwise a noisy backpack will create a sound when the prey is around and eventually scare them away. Modern technologies for the manufacture of hunting backpacks can offer you this option.


Pocket knife.


Speaking of survival hunter equipment, you can't forget about the knife. This is a truly reliable assistant who will not let you down in any situation. With it, you can perform dozens of different jobs, from cutting bread and sausages to opening cans of canned food, butchering carcasses.


Ideally, it is desirable to have a pair of knives. One is light, very sharp and small. The other is longer, with a thick butt, and heavier. But in principle, you can get by with one that is something in between these two.


Remember - the knife should always be on the belt. You can not put it in a backpack or pocket. Otherwise, in an extreme situation, it will not be possible to quickly get it. If you are hunting deep in the woods, then a fixed blade knife will come in very handy. The right investment in a knife will make the trip as it is one of the most important tools you need for a trip.


GPS mapping system.


To be safe in the forest, you must be familiar with mapping. A GPS, map or compass can help you with this, don't forget them before you go hunting, they can help you in a difficult situation. GPS systems will allow you to mark the time and place of your location, but nevertheless, you should not rely only on it, a map and compass are also necessary for hunting.




Binoculars are a great helper in hunting, they will allow you to see a large area clearly and spot your prey easily. High-quality, modern binoculars have anti-fog and anti-glare properties, which will be useful in order to remain inconspicuous and hidden while you are chasing prey.




The rangefinder will help you correctly estimate the distance to the beast. There are modern rangefinders designed specifically for hunting, they will be able to provide you with the best result.


First aid kit.


Going hunting for tens or even hundreds of kilometers from the nearest hospital, you should worry about your own safety. There are a lot of sources of injuries in hunting: an accidental shot or an unsuccessfully scattered shot, a deep splinter or a heavily bleeding scratch, a wounded and unfinished animal. Yes, and an ordinary headache or toothache can cause a lot of torment far from the city. In the first-aid kit, there should always be the pills that you usually take, as well as several bandages, tweezers, wound care products, suture material, general painkillers (in tablets and ampoules) . However, anything can happen with a backpack - in case it gets lost, carry a bandage, a tourniquet and a strong general painkiller in your pocket. Yes, this may be overkill. But it is possible that it is precisely such thriftiness that will save a life - yours or your comrades.


Of course, when collecting a first-aid kit, it will not be superfluous to additionally repeat the rules for using all the tools placed in it. For example, not everyone will be able to remember the rules for applying a tourniquet, and, alas, very few hunters know about the correct stitching of deep wounds.




Perhaps, any hunter will agree that matches should be included in the equipment for hunting. This is truly an indispensable attribute that may well save a person's life.

It's pretty easy to get wet on a hunt - from a simple fall into the water or heavy rain, to a badly soaked back while chasing through the woods. In any case, drying clothes and warming up as soon as possible is vital. This is where matches are needed. The lighter is not so reliable - the flint can always be damaged, gas can escape, and much more. But ordinary matches are not always the best choice. They can get wet, and it can be very difficult to ignite wet kindling with their help. Fortunately, there are special hunting lists, they burn longer than an ordinary match, and thanks to the special composition they create a much higher temperature, which allows even damp small branches to ignite.


Useful little things.


For hunting, in addition to the basic equipment, of course, you need a lot of different handheld devices and small things. For example, a flashlight, it is better to take a headlamp with different modes of operation, you can also take an underbarrel flashlight. Mosquito ointment, it is better to take a special one that will not be too noticeable for the beast. It will not be superfluous to take a coil of rope with you, it can always come in handy.


Hunting is a responsible event that requires patience and dedication. You must be prepared for many unforeseen situations and take care of yourself even before you go hunting. Fortunately, in the modern world of hunting, there is a huge selection of devices that can facilitate and sometimes even save a person’s life. Be careful when choosing your equipment, and we wish you good luck in this.