About us

American Firearms and Components Distributor

We specialize in pistols, rifles, components, and accessories for the AR-10 Platform (.308 caliber and 6.5 CM) and AR-15 Style (various calibers). My new personal favorites are the 10MM, AR-45, and.40 S&W pistols, as well as the AR-9 Glock type. We enter a new age in 2021 when Armory Outlet expands its product lineup to include silencers.

We are pleased to carry on European customs by opening our stores in the U.S., and we are sure that we will contribute our capabilities and experience to the American firearms business. We take pleasure in supporting the military and law enforcement, and we only hire American veterans.

We are offering custom firearm products for manufacturing/gunsmithing, to build from our top quality components and assemble best AR’s rifles.

We specialized on creating an unique firearms for you, of the most possible types of calibers aloud. You are choosing components, and we can build them for you, or you can just purchase parts and build it yourself.

We Guaranty you the best quality and greatest designs. All our Firearms will be build with care for you.